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About Us

GBG Archery was created with one idea in mind: Create quality archery products for future traditional archers of the world. We want the next generation of traditional archers to experience the thrill of shooting a quality bow using quality equipment. We know the feeling you get when you release your arrow and hit your target, and we want every archer to feel it as well.

GBG was created by youth archers Greyson, Bayla, and Gavyn. We followed after our parents, who created Crows Head Traditional Archery and Grayvn Traditional Archery.  When we first created GBG, we had to learn about how to build the bows, launch our website and market our brand. We were quickly able to land our first big business deal with one of the top archery websites and this helped us grow our business to what it is today.


 Greyson designed the Eagle Eye PVC Longbow and enjoys small game hunting and 3D target shooting.


 Bayla designed the Firefly Recurve and enjoys distance and trick shooting.


Gavyn designed the Grizzly Bear Horsebow and enjoys distance shooting and trick shots.